Slow fashion | Enaguas Shop


Enaguas Shop is a Slow Fashion brand.

Enaguas means “female undergarment” and is a folkloric word from the south of Spain. Our grandmothers used to wear this garment and that is why the name of our brand is a small tribute to them.

I am Lola González, I love fashion, and I am passionate about creating through my hands. Each piece I design is unique and has a story to tell.


Our main goal is to minimize waste, which is why we create limited collections produced locally. Enaguas Shop, is a Slow Fashion brand, that’s why we always give priority to sustainable materials.

Our prints are unique as they are handmade. That makes each piece unique and special. Because it is an artisan process, you will never find two identical designs in our collection.

For the production of our designs we use ancient Japanese techniques and a low-consumption water process.

Discover all the pieces of our Slow Fashion collection.